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Short Story of Bizzuyie Tatek

Bizzuyie Tatek was born in 2004 in Mitak peasant kebele in Basona Worena Woreda of Semen
Shoa Zone in Amhara Region. It is pity situation that she lost her parents at her early age.
Hence, she was forced to live under the custody of her grandmother together with her sister.

While she was 8 years old, she encountered chronic and severe bulge on her lower limbs that
gradually resulted in dysfunction of her legs. As a result, her sister tried with heartwarming
commitment to bring her to holy water by carrying her on her back seeking her cure.
Unfortunately, her relentless struggle came to an end without success. Finally, together with her
sister, Bizzuyie moved to Debrebirihan to get access for medical treatment in Debrebirihan
Referral hospital. The diagnosis conducted by orthopedic physicians revealed that Scoliosis of
the Spine was the cause of her physical impairment. Based on the prescription of the doctors,
she continued to attend the medical treatment for one and half years being reside in the
cemetery of churches and exploiting the helping hands of individuals’ donors. In the course of
the conduct of the treatment, the status and severity of her physical impairment was arrested
but not completely cured. However, this medical treatment enabled her to walk slightly and
independently. Consequently, she was admitted in Atse Zeryakob Primary School in 2015 to
attend her schooling.


Short Biography of Masresha Bekele

Masresha Aged 16 was born in Debrebirihan town Kebele 03, 135 Kms North of the Capital in
2004. His grandmother reported that the health status of Masresha Bekele was affected by
unknown reason ever since his early age.
His parents tried to get a medical solution for the disturbing health condition of their child by
enabling him to access medical treatment in different health centers and hospitals. However, no
visible improvement or cure was observed on his health status. Finally, they were forced to
bring him to holy water seeking a divine solution for their beloved child sickness. Unfortunately,
their relentless effort came to an end without success.
While Maseresha Bekele was 5 years old, his father passed away that left the family without
income due to the reason that the family was fully dependent up on the income earned by his
father. Thereafter, his mother left the family for another place in search of job and earns income
for the support of her family.
Surprisingly enough, his mother did not return back home, and she did not continue her support
for her child. Consequently, Masresha Bekele was obliged to live under the custody of his
grandmother. It is pity that his grandmother was found in a difficult situation to meet his basic
needs due to her poor economic status.


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