About HPDO

What HPD-O Purports to Mean

HPD-O came into being in December 1994 and has set out for action with a name that signals and outlines its way forward movement. That is helping persons with disabilities/PWDs to get rehabilitated and empowered physically, psycho-socially, medically, educationally, vocationally, occupationally, economically, etc. Thus, HPD-O’s very name envisages and signifies helping as a social activity which cuts across various professions-psychology, sociology, social work, medicine, psychiatry, education, and others-that are aimed at building and shaping the overall wellbeing and welfare of human beings in general and of PWDs in particular. That the term, PWDs was taken up and employed also has represented a departure from the derogatory language with which persons with impairments were called at the time of HPD-O’s early beginning. It is within this meaning and purpose that HPD-O has been implementing several mutually reinforcing projects helping PWDs in different settings and regions in Ethiopia since 1995 and will continue to guide its future work engagements as a philosophy of its very first founders.

Strategic Mandate Objectives

HPD-O’s vision and mission are well captured in its strategic mandate objectives stipulated by its current registered bylaws that purport to:

  • Endeavor to make awareness the public that disability is an impediment not only to the individual having impairment but also to the society at large;
  • Strive, through education,  to contribute to the gradual elimination of bad traditional values and wrong perceptions towards persons with impairment;
  • Endeavor to help persons with impairment to lead descent standard of living in a spirit of self-confidence and self-reliance that can be attained through the maximization of proper psycho-social personality, sense of dignity and self-worth;     
  • Assist national and local initiatives to prevent blindness and the incidence of other impairments;
  • Devise and diligently engage to implement educational, health and other psycho-social and economic rehabilitation programs generally and positively impacting persons with visual and other impairments and having particular relevance and utility to each category of persons with specific impairment;  
  • Diligently help persons with impairment to become users of adaptive and appropriate technologies;    
  • Participate in and endeavor to the success of the national initiative of poverty reduction by contributing to the creation of conducive environment for the deployment of persons with impairment in income generating and self-help productive interventions.      


HPD-O envisions modern society inclusive of PWDs as equal members and participants.


Promoting accessible and inclusive social service environment for underserved PWDs through the enhancement of equal access to appropriate  services.


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