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Foundation and Composition

HPD-O was invented by 7 founders with and without disabilities that shared the philosophy and principle of helping as a social activity consisting in professional, humane, moral and ethical responsibility and value that facilitates, promotes, and supports efforts to help achieve the equal opportunity, effective participation and inclusion of PWDs. Hence, the entire membership of HPD-O consists of volunteers who have enlisted shared commitment and optimism, thus enabling them to forge a common vision and sense of duty to work together for the improvement of the lives of persons with disabilities

Although only 2 of the very first founders have been persisting in their voluntary strategic leadership contributions, these guiding principles of commitment, action, and common purpose have been shared, maintained and promoted by a series of generations of memberships that have joined HPD-O to date.

The membership has now grown from 7 to 25 consisting of persons with and without disabilities, who avow and used to abide by the same principles of volunteerism, demanding of them sacrifice of effort, time and financial resources. The members with disabilities include persons with visual, physical, and hearing impairments; and the policy has been to accommodate as many diverse groups of PWDs depending on their voluntary engagements and potentials of contribution. The members without disabilities are either family members and/or committed colleagues of PWDs. In order to maintain the nature and institutional purpose of HPD-O as an organization of PWDs, its policy of governance as stipulated and maintained by its 4 consecutive bylaws has been to ensure majority membership of PWDs and leadership by PWDs in its General Assembly/GA, Managing Board, and Secretariat.

This has been the rule since HPD-O was founded in December 1994. It has been working legitimately within the context of this membership and governance policy, having been first registered with the Association’s Registry Office in 1995. It was also re-registered in November 2009 as an Ethiopian Residents Charity numbered 0318, revitalizing its viability and continued functioning for the purpose its founders had set from the onset aimed at the goal of equal opportunity through the implementation of CBR program.  


Help for Persons with Disabilities-Organization/HPD-O

P.O.BOX 34711 

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Phone: 25111-123-13-67



Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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