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Psycho-social Empowerment

Psycho-social empowerment as a component of HPD-O’s CBR service is mainly aimed at building inclusive society that is friendly, welcoming and accommodating PWDs as dignified and independent members with full autonomy and integrity. This involves educating and constructively shaping the personal attitudes of PWDs towards themselves and other people. It further and more importantly presupposes the creation of proper and inclusive physical and social environment that is conducive and accessible to PWDs. This may be attained through positive attitudinal changes and accompanying practical measures on the part of families and communities shaping inclusive environment for these people.


HPD-O’s psycho-social interventions have been undertaken with this in view and in practical consequence to date. Psychological and social empowerment measures like remedial self-awareness inquiry, counseling service, peer support schemes, and family awareness raising interventions, personal and inter-personal communication skills, personal hygiene and other daily living skills trainings have been undertaken to this effect.


Awareness raising interventions have also been developed and undertaken by HPD-O through various techniques with a view to attaining the social inclusion of PWDs. Such include consultation and engagement of family members, peers, neighborhood fellow people, etc. The subject covered include, among others, concept of disability, personal hygiene, principles of equalization of opportunities and effective participation of  PWDs as well as  the role of family and community members  in this process.


Thus, home-based life skills training has been given to 5 PWDs whilst 12 people, including the CBR para-professional social workers of HPD-O and other relevant staff of government bodies are trained in sign language with a view to increase the interpersonal communication horizon and social inclusion of persons with hearing and/or speech impairments.


Likewise school-based awareness raising events and other activities has enabled to reach out for and sensitize 7,000 students and other school community members. Part of these activities were undertaken by two Disability Awareness School Clubs facilitated and formed in the implementation of this program. Workshops and public gatherings organized and conducted have had 266 participants drawn from among teachers, representatives of relevant government bodies, and other stakeholders.



Upon the attainment of physical empowerment, such psychological, and social empowerment services help raise and improve the functionality, independence, and dignity of needy PWDs. Such a status of personal realization, in turn, enables PWDs to really feel, assume, enjoy, and exercise their individual autonomy, motivating them to effectively participate and play their roles with dignity and independently as family and community members in general and as students, trainees, workers, etc.


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