What We Do

HPD-O is an Ethiopian Residents Charitable Association re-registered with the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency and highly engaged in the promotion, implementation and support of comprehensive CBR program focused on educational and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities/PWDs. It was founded in December, 1994 and has been operating since then as a disability-focused association of PWDs formed by persons with and without disabilities. The membership of HPD-O has further been cross-impairment based, comprising persons with visual, hearing, physical, and other disabilities.   

Such a diversified composition of membership that is inclusive of persons with and without disabilities represented a turning point in the formation of organizations of PWDs. At that time, the only organizations of PWDs in the country were not more than 2 but based on a single impairment membership that is exclusive of persons with other disabilities and without disabilities. Notably, such organizations that were operating before and during the formation of HPD-O, namely The Ethiopian National Associations-of the Blind and the Deaf, were not undertaking their activities within the context of CBR although they were doing some advocacy and support services for the benefit of their members.  

It was in such a context that HPD-O had emerged and intervened with its integrative membership policy and as an implementer of CBR program that is cross-impairment and focused on educational and economic empowerment.


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