Where We Work

In accordance with the mandate objective of the organization, HPDO has been implementing disability-focused projects in different project areas. HPDO’s support services are intended to give emphasize on mainly on educational, economic, psychosocial and physical empowerment/rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. HPDO’s program interventions are being implemented in collaboration with concerned and interested funding partners, government line offices, local communities, families of persons with disabilities and DPOs.

Presently, HPDO is implementing projects targeting persons with disabilities in 5 woredas of Semen Shoa zone of Amhara region, Sebeta city administration of Oromia and Addis Ababa city administration. Nonetheless, HPDO, has a national nongovernmental organization is intended to expand and consolidate its interventions to the rest region of the country.

In order to achieve its mandate objectives, HPDO is undertaking various strategies including strengthening its networking and partnership with kindred organizations and development partners. Currently the program interventions of the organizations are being financially supported by the embassy of Finland, the embassy of Czech Republic, US embassy, Astemari, NOVIB, CCRDA and Finish  Federation of  the Visually Impaired. In addition, HPDO is the member of networks such as CCRDA, ENDAN, NOVIB, BEN and CBR-Network.



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