Focus Areas & remarkable achievements of HPDO

HPDO has been implementing various relevant interventions with a view to rehabilitating and empowering PWDs and creating accommodative services and social environment focusing on the following strategic pillars.

  1. Community sensitization and advocacy;
  2. Inclusive and accessible social services;
  3. Capacity building;
  4. Empowerment of PWDs;
  5. Humanitarian emergency response;
  6. Organizational development.

Remarkable Achievements

HPDO has been applying CBR as its main program strategy aimed at bringing changes in the status of the participation of children, youths and adults with disabilities in education, health, livelihood and other areas of social sector engagements. Educational and vocational attainment as well as livelihood promotion of PWDs are outcome intervention areas for HPDO while the remaining components of CBR are promoted and implemented as tools of empowerment to achieve these outcome interventions since 1995. The capacity building program of the organization play a significant role in creating accommodative learning and service environments in education and other public service sectors respectively in which  thousands of regular and SNE teachers education experts, school management staff, profiles of local administrations, media people  and other public service personnel and practitioners were sensitized on matters related to the basic principles and practices of inclusion of PWDs in socio-economic activities and community life as well on an equal basis with others.
As part of its early CBR project interventions, HPDO facilitated and supported the launch and first phase implementation of the sign language translated news broadcast of the ETV back from 1998-2000 with the financial support of Save the Children Sweden. It also technically supported the formation of several cross- disability and single disability organizations in their constructive move to work for the alleviation of the limitation or loss of participation of PWDs in different areas across the country.
In addition, HPDO participated as a founder and/or a member of consortiums, such as CBR Network Ethiopia, Basic Education Network, Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association, Network of Organizations of/for Visually Impaired and the Blind, Ethiopian National Disability Action Network and Federation of Ethiopian Associations of Persons with Disabilities for the promotion of their shared vision and mission on the issue of disability.
With the continued support of a series of generations of funding partners as Save the Children’s Sweden, Oxfam, GB and I, Action aid Ethiopia, Save the Children USA/BESCOP Program, Japan Embassy, Canada Embassy, Embassy of Czech Republic, Finland Embassy, Embassy of USA, Embassy of France, Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired, All We Can, Light for the World, Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund, Ethiopiaid and others, HPDO has been able to address thousands of needy children and other persons with disabilities in Addis Ababa, Oromiya, SNNP, Amhara and other regions by involving their family members as clients in most cases and important actors.


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